18 December 2015

Masons Lane

This is some campaign material I've organised for my mum, who is running for the Wellington mayoralty in October 2016. She's championed the regeneration of Wellington's urban lanes, some of which were frankly terrifying examples of brutalism in what is meant to be a beautiful city. I took some before and after photos of Masons Lane, and put them into a short video, which you can see below. It's a fantastic project – Mum leant heavily on the building owner to cover the cost of removing the canopy, which was a real blight on the laneway (and over half of the project's cost).

I also designed an A5 leaflet, which we delivered to local residents, and gave to pedestrians around Masons Lane.

And I created some GIF files for her Twitter timeline – this was something I hadn't done before, but they worked rather well...