18 March 2014

2014 Wandsworth borough elections (1)

Back in February I was selected to be one of the Tory candidates in Latchmere, a ward in Wandsworth that encompasses the area just to the north of Clapham Junction station. It'll be a tough campaign as the seat has – to my knowledge – been Labour heartland since time immemorial.

That said, we're in with a fighting chance, as the Conservatives in Wandsworth have a fantastic track record, with outstanding local services and the UK's lowest average council tax. Crucially we have very little debt – something achieved on the back of prudent management since we took control of the council back in 1978 (when I was born!). If the rest of the country could see how we ran the council then Labour wouldn't even have the faintest sniff of a chance in the national elections. Our low council tax is a huge help to the most disadvantaged in the Borough, as the council tax reduction that central government gives the disabled means they effectively don't pay a penny.

For those of you who are interested (there will be some, I know!) here's the freshly designed calling card we're going out campaigning with tonight.